>Monday, Monday…


Another week come & gone.  It’s still “off-season”, and I’m really taking that for all it’s worth. 

I started running again last week – went on my first “real” runs since the Ironman.  The interesting thing?  They all felt pretty good.  Generally (I went on a run without my iPod – which was torture).  I did a very anemic 13 total miles for the week.   I even got to run once with Jen – it was her second run of her beginning tri training.  We did 3.5 miles together.  I did 5 miles last night in 48:00.  It was a nice pace, and I felt good throughout the run.  Scary moment of the run:  it was about dark while I was out, but there were lots of runners, folks with strollers, and some folks on bikes.  I passed a guy on a mountain bike and heard a strange thump, thump sound.  I looked at him & then down, and what did I see?  A HUGE cottonmouth snake taking a strike at his back wheel!  Then, the dang thing decided he wanted to follow me for a few feet.  Needless to say, I went from my nice pokey 9:30 pace to a very Kenyan-like 4:30 pace in a heartbeat.  Very scary!  I’ve seen lots of dead snakes in my running days, but never live ones before.

My plan for this week is to pick up the mileage some on the run, mix in 2 good swim workouts, and do some spinning on the bike.  Hopefully about 20 miles running, 5000 yards in the pool and 90 minutes on the trainer.  We’ll see if I can actually do this schedule – it’s tough with all the pre-holiday stuff going on.

Cool news of the week:  I bought a wetsuit.  I got a Zoot Zootsuit sleeveless suit.  AND – I got a great bargain on it.  I was perusing Craigslist last week for random tri-related stuff, and found an ad for the suit with a price tag of $50.00.  Knowing that brand new suits start in the $250 range, I dropped a quick email to the owner.  Long story short, he had only used the suit twice and decided he didn’t like doing triathlon.  In fact, last weekend he sold his bike, helmet and shoes to another guy.  I got the suit for $40!  Looks brand new – no tears, digs, stretch marks.  I tried it on, and it fit perfectly!  How ‘bout that for a good bargain!



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  1. >Have you been peeking at my book (that's not even out yet?). I have a section on equipment where I compare times for the last 6 years in select IM races. Wetsuit technology has improved (or so they say) but the times of the top triathletes have not improved. So, you did the right thing, save your hard earned money for something else, like bike gear (aero helmet gets a big bang for the buck).

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