>Team Trakkers!!!!

>Quick post tonight…just to share the news that I found out last week that I was selected to be on Team Trakkers for 2010!

Lots more information down the road, but I’m super pumped to have made this team. Can’t believe that I’m a “sponsored” athlete!

So…what is Trakkers? Trakkers is a company that makes a GPS device that will help family and friends track athletes while they train or race. Trakkers also partners with Rev3 Triathlon Series, and a variety of other great companies.

As I said, more to come later, but check out the following websites:


9 thoughts on “>Team Trakkers!!!!

  1. >Joel, I am one of your new teammates…also totally in awe at the idea of being a "sponsored athlete". I'm looking forward to know everyone better over the next year. Kiersten

  2. >Congratulations! I'm glad you finally achieved this goal (now maybe you won't talk about it as much – hahaha!). Good luck!

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