>Mid-Week Random Musings

>Random thoughts swimming around my brain this week:

  • I’m glad college basketball season has started again. I’m watching the Tar Heels right now. Life is good.
  • That said, I wish it hadn’t started for two reasons (1) that means college football is coming to an end, and (2) I have to listen to Dick Vitale – who is quite possibly the most annoying human on the planet
  • Chili must be a way of life in the Cincinnati area. I learned today that Chili can come “4 ways”, with beans, onions, cheese and spaghetti. (who’d have thought that chili goes on spaghetti? Isn’t that mixing food groups?)
  • I love to people watch when I’m traveling. Airports are super places for this activity (malls are close second). You see all types in airports and on planes. I could write a whole blog post about the types of folks you encounter. My faves: the talker (no explanation required), the angry business traveller (clearly missed his flight, peed in his Wheaties, got fired, something. Best exhibited by a perma-scowl on his face. Usually has crackberry out and walks very fast), and the stressed out mom (the mom who usually has 2 or more kids with her — all under the age of 4, and one ALWAYS in a stroller – who is trying to balance luggage, a stroller, a screaming kid, and trying to keep the other(s) in line)
  • The Gators will destroy FIU this weekend. If Tim Tebow isn’t sitting down by halftime something has gone majorly wrong
  • Zipp race wheels are amazing! I rented them for IMKY and IMFL, and they really help you go faster. The only problem with them is that if you buy them, the money will fly out of your wallet faster than you can blink. A set of these wheels costs close to $2000.
  • Homemade pumpkin bread. Yum!
  • I am planning on starting training again next week. Can’t wait to get back in the pool
  • I might have to quit triathlon. Not because I don’t love it (duh – I do). The real reason is my wife, Jennifer, has decided to take it up. I should be excited about this – and I am (built in training partner, good motivator, etc). So why might I have to quit this sport? Because I’m not sure I can handle getting “chicked” by my own wife! Imagine the endless harassment I’ll get. >sigh<

3 thoughts on “>Mid-Week Random Musings

  1. >- Were you down in the nati? I will say Ohioans are just weird. I just live here, never claim to be from here. – Isnt it sick your wheels can easy be worth more then your bike!!!! – LOL, dont quit, just sign her up for womans only races, or fake an injury if she wants to race with you and pretend to really love her by being her Sherpa 😉

  2. >LOL at the comment above, suggestion to sign her up for Women's Only races… too funny. I don't think you should quit either 🙂 Awesome that you've inspired both your son and wife now too!

  3. >I know lots of men who get chicked by their wives … look at it as an opportunity to brag about your wife :)That's awesome!

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