>An Ironman’s Lament

>So…I hate to admit it almost. I miss training. I miss having the goal of preparing for an Ironman. I miss the nervousness.

They say that triathlon in general and Ironman specifically is like an addiction. If that’s the case, then I’m an addict in detox.

November and December are typically the off-season for triathletes. Very little in terms of exercise. I haven’t done anything since I crossed the finish line in Panama City Beach.

It’s the longest break I’ve taken in 11 months. Over the last 11 months, I’ve swam more than 100 miles. Put in nearly 2000 miles on my bike. Ran nearly 750 miles. Way too many early morning workouts, too many nights on the treadmill. Now what?

I need a goal. Need to get moving. Need to train. But for what? I’m not doing any Ironman races in 2010. Just some half Ironman, Olympics, and a couple of sprints. Maybe a marathon. Jen asked me why I wanted to do the shorter races. They aren’t like the Ironman. My response: because I need goals. I need to train for something.

Addict. Yup. Detox? Yes. I need to move.

Is the offseason over yet?

2 thoughts on “>An Ironman’s Lament

  1. >I totally relate! I beleve in active recovery so I have been swimming, biking and running, but all at low intensity. I have also been spending a lot of time on the foam roller and stretching.I think my plan is to pick a running race for early Spring while maintaining 2x swims per week and 2x bikes per week. We'll see …I am definitely going to check out that trifuel article too!

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