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Since I started blogging a month or so ago, I have been perusing various blogs written by others.  Today, I’m starting a new regular post – “cool blog of the week”, where I will highlight an interesting, funny, or otherwise generally cool blog that I have been reading.  I’ve got to tell you, I’ve really enjoyed reading some folks posts.   Some people are just amazing writers.  Others are unbelievable athletes.  Some belong on the stand-up circuit.  

Please check out the blogs that I reference on the right – these are some that I read, but not all.

And without further ado…the inaugural Tri Madness Blogger of the Week:

(drum roll please)


Big Daddy Diesel (www.Tridiesel.blogspot.com).  Big Daddy’s blog is awesome.  He has a really wicked sense of humor.  His weekly ramblings tend to crack me up.  Check out his post on “gym idiots”; it’s amazing how accurate he is.  His Monday Morning Movies showcase Ironman or tri races – and are fantastic (I have no idea where he finds all this stuff).

Congrats, Diesel – you’re the grand prize winner (not sure what that means)…


2 thoughts on “>Cool Blog of the Week

  1. >THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! *tears flowing* I would like to thank my parents, without that drunken night at the bowling alley, I wouldnt be here today. I would like to thank pizza, without you, I wouldnt be so committed to get up at 5am to work off all that delicious sin that makes me love you soooo much. I would like to thank all my fans and your either real sick sense of humour or complete sense of boredom to read my senseless ramblings. And last but certainly not least, I thank all the idiots in the world, with out you, I wouldnt feel good about myself and who else could I make fun of. Remember save a horse, ride a triathlete.

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