OK. This is it. The final countdown to Ironman is on. I’ve waited for this time to come.

The last workout? Done.

Nutrition planned? Done.

Race plan figured out? Done.

Bags packed? Nope. Not yet, but will be soon.

I’m counting down the hours until I leave (approximately 16). Counting down the hours until the family arrives in PCB (approx 48). Counting down until Saturday. Race Day. Waiting.

Watching the clock. I’m ready to get there. Ready to get registered. Ready to pick up my race packet. Ready to test the wetsuit. Ready to race. I wish time moved faster. I watch the clock, and time seems to slow down.

I’ll get up early on Saturday. Maybe 4am. I’ll be in transition by 5am checking on my bike and getting my gear ready. Then I’ll be waiting again. Waiting for my time to start. Waiting for the cannon at 7am. Watching time count down.

The rest of the day Saturday might be about me watching the clock again (although I hope not). I might be watching to make sure I beat the cut-off times. I certainly did at IM Louisville. Hopefully that won’t be the case here.

After that…others will be waiting. Waiting and watching. And then…the waiting will be over. If all goes well, sometime between 8 and 10pm, I’ll come around the final bend and head down the finishers chute. The waiting will be over. My countdown will be over. I’ll be an Ironman.

But until then…I’m still watching time creep down. Waiting.


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