>To tat or not to tat (that’s the question)

>I’ll admit it. I’m not hip. I don’t have any weird piercings. No strange devices implanted under my skin (unless you count the titanium plate & screws attached to my clavicle). No tattoos.

The question of the day…when I finish my Ironman, should I get one?

Some Ironman finishers do. Actually lots do. They get a fancy little M-Dot (that is the Ironman logo that you might have seen on Timex watches) tat. Sometimes they combine that with nifty figures swimming, biking, and running. You’ll see them on calves, shoulders. I’ve seen one on the back of a lady’s neck.

Lots of Ironman finishers don’t get a tattoo. They feel that branding yourself with a corporate logo is selling out. They argue that getting an M-dot is no different than putting the Nike swoosh or the Gatorade lightning bolt on you forever. They say that there’s no reason to brag about finishing an Ironman, and that getting an M-dot is doing nothing but bragging.

I think they look cool…generally. I’m thinking about getting one. My friend Jeff just got one, and while I haven’t seen it, it sounds really cool. I was thinking about an M-dot on my calf. Probably in Gator colors.

What do you think? Yes/No? Too vain? Corporate sell-out? Too old to get one? I’d love your feedback.


2 thoughts on “>To tat or not to tat (that’s the question)

  1. >Personally, I've wanted a tat since college but never pulled the trigger because I wasn't sure what I might think about it in the future. Somewhere along the way I decided that I would get one if I could make it specific and personal to me, e.g., kids zodiac signs, etc. I ended up getting the M-Dot because I earned it. I like the idea of a permanent reminder of what I and my family went through getting me across the line. For the folks that say it's just bragging or an insecurity thing – just take a look at triathletes at just about any race and you'll see that latest and greatest bikes, fashions, and gadets, most of which won't make them any faster. They just look cool!

  2. >I say go for it. It'll motivate you to keep tone and fit, so it doesn't start sagging or stretching. And at least yours would mean something – instead of those tramp stamps and tribal tattoos everyone seems to have these days. But I think the only opinion that counts is your wife's – what does she think?

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