>Feeling like a seal

>The water temp in PCB is slowly dropping. Late last week, the temp was in the mid 70’s, which makes IMFL a “wetsuit legal” swim.

Let me be clear about something. I’ve only been in a wetsuit three times. Ever. Once was over spring break earlier this year. The other two times have been in the last two weeks.

For starters, the family went to Destin, FL for a week of fun & sun last March for Spring Break. The problem was that it wasn’t warm…and the water was COLD. We took wetsuits that we borrowed from some friends. We rented a pontoon boat and went out to Crab Island and proceeded to get into the wetsuits and jump in the water. The funniest thing about that experience was watching as the kids jumped through the mental hurdles of “warming up” their suits. As my oldest said (repeatedly) – “GROSS”!

So, knowing that the swim in PCB was likely to be wetsuit legal, I rented a full suit from wetsuitrental.com. The cost was next to nothing, and the suit arrived about 10 days ago. Not knowing any of the “finer” points of swimming in a wetsuit (let alone the best and fastest way to put one on and take it off), I pulled up some You Tube videos and studied like I was back in college. Last Sunday, I hauled myself out to the local pool, squeezed myself into the suit and started swimming. Swim # 2 was yesterday. 1000 yards in the suit last week. 1200 yesterday.

So big deal. You rent a suit and swim in it. OK…here’s why this is a pretty big deal for me. First off, these things are TIGHT! No…I mean full body bear hug, squeeze your eyeballs out tight. Secondly, while they may be awesome when the water is cold…when it’s 82 degrees in your local lap pool, they are HOT(thus he rationale behind the relatively paltry yards in the suit).

But here’s the real deal about wetsuits – wetsuits are black. For giant fish with big teeth (read: SHARKS) swimmers in wetsuits look like seals. Or bait. Your choice of nouns. Either way – this plays right into one of the things I dread about open water swims (see prior post). So…IMFL will start with 2500+ seals in the water. Can anyone say feeding frenzy?

Another thing – wetsuits help your swim. I found that it was easier for me to swim (because I floated in the wetsuit), and I swam generally faster in the suit. Not Michael Phelps fast, but faster for me. That’s a plus.

So long as a hungry shark doesn’t see me as his breakfast…


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  1. >Cute story. I'll pay good money for the pictures of the wetsuit. It's all part of my long-term blackmail plan to advance my career…

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