>On the clock…

>T-minus 15 days and change until IM Florida.

I’m starting to get excited and nervous. Why nervous? Because it was just about eight weeks ago that I attempted my first Ironman race. IM Louisville. Attempted? Yes. Finished? No. I made it through the swim – slower than I expected, but not a horrible time. I survived the bike. Barely. The course was advertised as rolling hills. Yeah, right. Only if you live in Nepal. For a dude from Florida, the hills were rough. Too many. Too steep. I was either going 40mph or 13 mph. Not much in between. More than 7 hours of time in the saddle. Closer to 7 ½ hours. WAY more than I expected. The run…who am I kidding. It was a walk. Yep. I walked most of the course. I made it 18 miles, and DNF’d at 10:30p. No way I’d have made the finish before the cut off. So why am I nervous? I don’t want to re-live what happened in Louisville again when I get to Panama City Beach.

Other reasons I’m nervous: I HATE ocean swims. I always seem to drink half the ocean. I can’t breathe bilaterally, and as luck has it, I always seem to be breathing on the side where the waves are coming from. I don’t want to look like food for some giant carnivore swimming around in the Gulf. My luck, some giant bull shark will come and take my arm off!

Excited? Heck yes! I WILL become an Ironman. I will have a better bike ride. I will run much more (if not all) of the course. My family is coming to watch the race! I want to finish in front of my kids and wife. A friend will be volunteering as a finish line catcher. He became and Ironman at IMKY, and he’s coming down just to watch me become one.

Ironman is a race against the clock. You have 17 hours to finish. I’ll be on the clock to beat that time. I’m on the countdown clock until the race starts.


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