>By the numbers


Some interesting numbers from looking at the participant list for IMFL:

• There are 2866 folks registered
• The biggest group is my age-group. M40-44. 471 participants. (my chance of getting a Kona spot? 0%)
• 2154 guys registered, 663 women
• 21 Physically challenged folks. These people are AMAZING!
• 28 male pros. 19 female pros. Some notable names? Nina Kraft, Katya Meyers. A bunch of guys I’ve never heard of. None of the ”big name” guys, as they all just raced in Kona
• Racers come from 42 countries. After the USA, Canada leads the pack with 171 entries. Germany is 3rd with 79 participants. Great Britain has 55. 10 separate countries have 1 entrant each.
• 516 racers come from Florida. Miami and Tallahassee are each sending 34 racers, followed by Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Boca Raton & Gainesville (tied for 5th). 18 local Panama City & Panama City Beach folks will be racing.
• Texas, Virginia, Georgia, California and North Carolina round out the top 5 states.
• Most common occupations: # 1, by a landslide: (blank). With 1281. Maybe there are that many triathletes who do nothing but train! 🙂
o Engineer 67, Sales (47), Physician (45), Attorney (40)…seems like validation that this is a “rich person’s” sport. Until you see the next 2 on the list: Teacher (37) and Student (33).
o There are at least 9 “homemaker’s”. There are 10 chiropractors, 17 physical therapists, 12 nurses, 4 massage therapists, and several pastors/priests who will be able to help out if any competitors become too beleaguered. There’s also a funeral director – should anyone need his services.
o There are also these “unique” professions represented: Barnacle Harvester, Bean Counter, Beer Wench, Big Cheese, Big Wave Surfer, Can Collector, Cat Herder, Chicken Hypnotiser, Cookie Dough Salesman, Cow Puncher, Daydreamer, Dreamer, Early Retiree, Exotic Dancer, Eye Candy, Figurehead, Former Fat Man, Geek. Gigalo, Goat Herder, Goat Rodeo Clown, Head Sushi Sampler, Half-brain Triathlete, Ironman addict, Kona Participant Wannabe, Lion Tamer, Macarrena Instructor, Octopus trainer, Party Animal, Queen B, Sex Symbol, She Ra, Speed Demon, Stimulus Bill Recipient Wannabe, Underwear model, Village Idiot, and Zamboni Driver.


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  1. >Quick question.2,866 "folks" registered of which 2,154 are male and 663 are women. Do the remaining 49 not identify with a gender or is the race open to asexual species? If it's the latter, that doesn't seem particularly fair. I'm sure you're not surprised that the first thing I do is check the math! 😉

  2. >Ha – too funny! I pivot tabled the participant list, but didn't save it so I can't go back and check. I don't think the Physically Challenged folks were assigned a sex. Clearly there were others as well.Or maybe folks didn't enter their sex thinking they might have a better chance of placing in their age group!!!

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